"Chromezilla": 1979 Ford Ecoline 4x4 Van is the Most Beautiful Art Work You've Seen Lately

Is your memory retentive? Or let us ask you if your memory is retentive enough to remember most of the things you see every day.

Do you remember all the trucks you say today, for example? You probably don't, or you just remember the most remarkable ones. We're seeing countless trucks everyday on the streets so it's natural and totally comprehensible that we don't remember every single truck we see in detail. Some trucks, however, are designed and built so eye catchingly that it is impossible for many of us to forget such trucks. We remember them for long years, maybe till the last we spend on his planet. In today's video, we're checking out a perfect example for that kind of trucks. Nicknamed as "Chromezilla", the truck filmed in today's video is a real masterpiece that catches the eyes with its every single detail. This is a 1979 Ford Ecoline 4x4 Van, a mind-blowing show piece that can bring hundreds of people who are willing to enjoy its beauty. In the video, Bart Kilraine, the lucky owner, takes us on a tour in and around this excellently made vehicle. Check out the video to spend some unforgettable six minutes and have quality fun.

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