Economac: Lovely Couple Tells About Their Precious 1970 Ford Van

Are you an enthusiast of cars? If you check this website regularly then we guess you are. Now, let us ask you the real question! Are you married or do you have partner?

This real question may sound weird to most you, but when you watch the video we proudly present you here you'll relate. Here, most of us are dedicated lovers of vehicles of all kinds, brands, models, types and ages, but are our views also interested in vehicles as much as we are? The answer of this question will be "No" for many of us, bu there are also women who see cars as their passion and spend most of their times to care about them! A woman who likes her husband's hobby is something that comes once in a blue moon and so should be appreciated. Today's video shows us a visual proof for that. What exactly you're going to see in this video is a lovely couple, Dale and Judy Scully from Greenfield, Massachusetts. This cute couple demonstrates us a badass 1967 Ford Van nicknamed as "Economac". Check out the video to see and hear way more about this gorgeous machine, take a look at the finer details and enjoy.

This is not a car you can see every day on the roads. Watch it and enjoy!