Quadbike Turns Into Something Inexpressively Ridiculous

On one of our latest videos, we asked you about the most ridiculous vehicle you have ever seen and then presented you the video in which the world's one of the most ridiculous vehicles ever!

That was ridiculous for sure, but today's video demonstrates and confirms us that there is something even more ridiculous and it is built by the same guy. Shared by Whistlindiesel, a YouTube channel dedicated mostly to crazy vehicles, today's video is a visual proof for the limitlessness of human insanity. Why on Earth would someone who owns an already cool quadbike turns it into something inexpressibly weird. The question is why! What is interesting is the way this weird machine looks. Even though it has no purpose and loses most of its functions and performance, it looks strikingly badass and fun. It would be amazing to have a ride on it, we guess.

Check out the video to see the making-of process of this strange machine, try to understand how it work and let us know what you think about it in the comments right below. We care what you think and we will videos upon your interests!