Papa Fila Will be the Most Unique Machine You've Ever Seen!

Here we have seen many different cars. They were so different and unique that it was hard to believe that they really exist.

But, they were not as unique as the one you're going to see in the video we proudly and excitingly present you today! Filmed somewhere in Brazil, the pearl of South America, today's video demonstrates us the Papa-Fila. We're pretty sure that your firs expression after you read this name will be confusion as the name doesn't suggest anything. This is probably because it is really hard to name this interesting machine accurately, reflecting its uniqueness. Now, let's forget about the name and turn to machine itself. At the first glance, the Papa Fila looks like a weird but still impressive combination of two different vehicles: one bus and one truck. The front part of the machine looks like the front of a trailer while the end part looks like nothing, but a bus. When you combine these all together in one single vehicle, the Papa-Fila is what you got and this is fantastically cool. Imagine yourself walking down the streets in a nice day with a nice weather and seeing this strikingly impressive machine right before you! Wouldn't be amazing? It would for sure.

Check out today's video to blow your mind with the uniqueness of Papa-Fila and have some fun!