Incredible Airplanes with Unusual Sizes and Structures

Have you ever imagined yourself flying? The deep and strong desire to fly is a universal human trait that has decisively opened the path for some of our most significant inventions and achievements.

Since the very first years of our existence on this planet, we envied birds and dreamed to fly as they do. To achieve this mission almost impossible we tried really hard and came up with some great ideas. Countless people spend a life-time to fly, but only very few of them managed to hit the sky and feel the freedom right in their veins. The greatest fruit of our passionate desire to fly is of course, the airplane! We bet you all know about the development of airplane, Wright Brothers, first aircrafts etc. In today's video, we're checking out something a bit different. What you're going to see in this compilation video is not the oldest airplanes, but the abnormally large ones. These extraordinary planes are so large that you won't believe they can actually fly! Hit the play button and see the world's some of the largest airplanes.

Hope you guys enjoy these tremendous planes and leave your comment down below!v