Unfortunate Story of an Extra Cool Dodge Truck

How do you feel nowadays? Happy? Energetic? Depressed? Bored? Tired? We don't know how exactly you feel these days, but there's something we know for sure!

Modern life is a mess that puts tons of physical and psychological pressure on our shoulders, Even though we have to fight against this disturbing burden, sometimes it becomes really hard to resist to it. At this very point, nature comes to our help. The relaxing atmosphere of Mother Nature offers us a great way to refresh ourselves and relieve the stress that life brings before us. When you hit the road to discover the nature and have some quality time in it, the last thing you want is your truck getting stuck in a mud or sank in a river. In today's video, we're checking out such an unfortunate situation. According to the owner, the truck was parked on the boat ramp and then it slipped out of gear. What a pity for this badass truck! It rolled down the ramp into the Barren River and floated for a while before it sank in about 15 foot of water.

Check the video to see this unfortunate history of this cool Dodge truck and let us know what would you do if you were the owner of it!