Two in One: Half Van Half Boat "Boaterhome"

Here we have seen so many different combinations! Countless of them! Fords with Chevys, Chevys with Fords, boats with jet engines and so on, but today, we're checking out a unique combination that you can't see anywhere else.

First let us ask you a question. If you would asked to choose between a boat and van, which would be your choice? This very question was asked to John Ortlieb' family and they answered "both". That's how "Boaterhome", a half van half boat vehicle, was born. Interesting isn't it? In the late 1980s, the concept of a Boaterhome was came up, taking the cab from a Ford E series van and combining it with a 28-foot long boat. A boaterhome includes a fridge, a kitchen counter, a bathroom, pullout beds which turn into sofas during the day, a captain's chair. Let's just say it has everything you can imagine in a living area. As it's also a boat at the time, it's equipped with underwater lighting, a retractable ladder in the swimdeck, and a loud foghorn. Surprisingly, only 21 examples of boaterhomes exist on the planet and John's family has had only one ever since they were built.

Click on the play button to learn more about this matchless vehicle and let us know what you think about it!