Rolls Royce V12 "Merlin" Engine is a Source of Pure Pleasure!

Do you like games? Let's play a simple game! Very simple, we guarantee it! Now just close your eyes, clean up your mind, take a deep breath, clarify your senses and get ready to fire up your imagination.

We want you to imagine a unique engine. The type, the power, the brand, the style, the material, the age are all up to you. There's only one thing about this engine. It's almost as big as an automobile. Please describe your imaginary engine in the comments below. We wonder about them! In the amazing video we choose for you today, we're actually checking out such an engine. It's a Rolls Royce 27 Litre V12 Merlin engine that reaches gigantic sizes. The Rolls Royce Merlin is a British liquid cooled V12 piston aero engine with 27 litres capacity. The video shows us this monstrous piece of advanced engineering while it was on action. You can see clearly how curiously people are looking at it.

What a pleasure to see such an iconic engine in person! Watch the video to see a real engine, enjoy it as a whole and leave your comment!