Thai Driver Proves an Unbelievable Level of Insanity!

Who is the craziest person you have ever met? What's the relationship between her/him and you?

What's the craziest thing that he or she has ever done? We bet aach of you knows at least one "crazy person" who do things that other people won't normally do. This uniqueness is actually what makes them take a step further among all the others. That's their way of being. Being crazy! In today's video, which is filmed somewhere in Thailand the land of smiles, today's interesting video shows us a driver who would be described as "crazy" in any part of the worlds. What makes him crazy is not the way he looks. It's the way he drives or simply where he drives. He drives his Toyota pickup with two couples of monster tires into a muddy and runny river and leaves the pickup to the stream. "What an insane driver" you're going to say while watching this video. He takes the risk, laying both his own life and the passengers' on the line, and makes his adrenaline levels reach the peak.

Watch today's awesome video to see how this insane driver uses his Toyota even in a fiercely running rivers and enjoy!