Robot Crusher: American Tactical Machine is a Monster!

How do you like your car? Do you like it big? Small? Do you like it functional? Good-looking? Do you like it luxury or expensive? Budget-friendly? Classic or modern? Truck or automobile?

Whatever your taste for cars is you're gonna like the one in today's super cool video. What you're going to see when you hit the play button is the Robot Crusher! Most of you will ask what is the Robot Crusher! Well, it's not something we used to see every day on the streets, it's something exceptional. Nicknamed as "Robot Crusher", this outstanding machine is a military robot developed by the National Robotics Engineering Center of Carnegie Mellon University with the financial support of United States Advanced Research and Development Office. The Crusher has a new chassis developed by CTC Technologies. The body of the machine measuring 5.1x2.6x1.52m (with a clearance of 0.41m) is made of high-strength aluminum pipes and titanium nodal elements. The shock-absorbing frame is made of high-strength steel, which allows the Crusher to "ignore" the impact of large stones and stumps. The nose has been completely redone to make the Crusher withstand medium-power impacts causing from collisions, as well as to absorb other potential dangers. The chassis has a six-wheel base with independent suspension. Independent suspension with variable stiffness and height is developed by Timoney Technology. Each wheel can move independently in a vertical plane and this allows the Crusher to overcome ditches, trenches, and continue to move even when one or two wheels fail.

Watch the video paying attention, see how badass the Crusher is and enjoy!