V8 Chevy Powered Tiny Little Fiat 126 Maluch Races Fiercely Against Charismatic Classic

It's a generally accepted fact! When you bring two good things together something better comes up. In today's video, we're checking out a great example for that!

The marriage of two amazing pieces and the impressive child of this brilliantly designed marriage. The bride is a Fiat 126 Maluch and the groom is a V8 Chevy, the sweet child of this gathering is a cute looking car that looks drives and sounds fantastic. Most you know might not know what Fiat 126 is. Let us introduce it first! The fiat 126 is technically a rear-engined small city car introduced into the market first in 1972 as a replacement of Fiat 500. Starting
from 1972, it stayed in the production until the millennium. It's an iconic and highly preferred car in Poland. Filmed at Silverstone Classics, an annual three-day racing event taking place in Northamptonshire, UK, this video demonstrates us a tiny little Fiat 126 Maluch having a speed race against a charismatic classic. The V8 Chevy gives this Fiat 126 Maluch an insane power and makes it drive like a roadrunner.

If you love Fiats, races, V8 Chevys and of course the winners, this video is just for you! Hit the play button and let then fun begin!