Russian Military Aircraft Ilyushin-14T is for the Apocalypse!

Attention! What you're going to see after clicking on the play button is not a scene from an apocalypse- themed movie. It's the reality.

A reality that you all would like to see again and again. At first, the video seems at bit gloomy, but then it turns into something extremely enjoyable. Filmed in Russia, where things are bigger and harder, this video demonstrates us a magnificent aircraft: The Ilyushin Il-14T, a Soviet twin engine commercial and military personnel and cargo transport aircraft. It performed its first flight in 1950 and entered into service four years later in 1954. It has manufactured under many different types and versions, all of which are simply breathtaking. Too bad it's now retired. In the video, you're going to see how they start this gigantic aircraft after they launched the right engine on it. It's great to see that people still have the passion to keep these aircrafts alive and in order. There should be more like such aircrafts! If you are an enthusiast and you love aircrafts, especially Russian ones, then this video is just for you!

You'll like the eargasmic sound coming from the engine and will have a barrel of fun!