Chevy Duramax vs Dodge Diesel: Who's Gonna be the Winner?

Everyone has their own way to have fun! For some, this way is simply to play games while for some, this is all about reading books and doing some research.

For some, this is having a sunbath while also enjoying the refreshing atmosphere of a beach while for some others, this is getting the skiing gear and hitting the road to the mountains veiled with heavy snow. For some, this is getting together with friends and chit chatting while for some others, this is nothing but sitting in a dark room isolated from the outer world. In today's video, we're checking out someone's way of getting fun. This way would probably come as ridiculous for most of you, but there are ones spending hours and hours for such activities. What they do for fun is to bind one 2005 Chevy Duramax and one 2007 Dodge Diesel together and make them compete against each other. Chevy Duramax vs Dodge Diesel. Which one is stronger? Which will be the winner?

First make a prediction then watch the video and see the result! Don2t forget to let us know if your prediction was right in the comments below. Watch it and enjoy!