Ford Flathead V8 Engine Rebuilt in Time-Lapse Turns into Something Fantastic!

Here's a question for you think about it and give an answer! What would you do if you found an engine, a good one, abandoned in a barn or under the hood of an abandoned car?

How would you treat it? Would you ignore it and leave it decay? Or, would you try to recover it, spending a considerable amount of time, effort and money? Would you get some professional help? Or, would you try to recover it on your own? How much money would you spare for it? Would you sell it or use it in your own vehicle? Where would you use it? The questions multiply and answers vary. Please answer these questions in the comment below. We wonder about you! In today's video, we're checking out a gorgeous Ford Flathead V8 engine being rebuilt in time-lapse. It took six whole days and more than 40,000 photos to film this amazing video, which you all would watch again again. This engine was sourced during the Swap to Street 100-hour build of a 1946 Ford pickup at the 2015 Hershey Swap Meet. It faithfully chugged along for over 4000 miles before they decided to award it with the rebuilt it has long deserved.

Check out the video paying great attention to details, see how they rebuild this cool engine and turn it into something even cooler. You'll enjoy it for sure!