Ford F-350 Powerstroke Pickup Pulls the Mobile Home Like a Boss!

No one can question or be skeptical about the power of Ford. Vehicles, including automobiles, pickups, trucks and engines, built by this globally renowned auto-making company perform perfectly.

We have seen it in the previous videos we shared and we're seeing it again in today's video. Watching this video of one minute only, you're going to see a Ford F-350 6.7 Powerstroke pickup truck climbing a steep hill. This is not a single pickup truck, but is attached with a mobile home. It's not easy to drive such a huge pickup when the weight of a mobile home pulls you back. This Ford F-350, however, proves how powerful it is and climbs the steep hill successfully. It would be way better if we could hear the real engine sound instead of the music, but it's still good to see such gorgeous truck in action.

If you also want to witness the Ford power than don't waste even a second, check out today's video, enjoy it and leave your comment below!