Bell Augusta BA609 Aircraft to Escape from Apocalypse

Let's turn to our childhood for a moment! When we were kids, most of us have dreamt of flying a plane or helicopter. Being a pilot who conquers the sky was probably the dream job for many of us. It was unfortunately just a dream.

Only a few of us could manage to be a pilot, but one doesn't need to be a pilot to enjoy the planes and aircrafts. Watching the videos we share specially for enthusiasts, you can see many different aircrafts and enjoy their performance in the sky. In today's video, for example, we're checking out the Bell Augusta BA609. The BA609 tiltrotor aircraft is designed and developed by Bell Agusta Aerospace Company which is a joint venture of Bell Helicopter Textron. There's something that makes this aircraft special! It is the world's first commercially available tiltrotor aircraft. The tiltrotor combines the speed, comfort and ability to fly at altitude above the weather of a turboprop with the convenience of the vertical take-off and landing abilities of a helicopter. The aircraft has a two person crew and is able to carry up to nine passengers. The BA609 has a composite fibre-placed fuselage with aluminum internal structure, a six to nine-seat pressurized composite cabin and two composite three-bladed proprotors on swiveling nacelles. We hear you asking about the engine. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney of Canada PT6C-67A turboshaft engines which have a maximum power of 1,940hp each.

Watch the video to take a look at this amazing aircraft and feel the freedom!