Accucraft Gauge 1 Daylight Express is Gonna Make You Install A Railway in Your Garden!

As for anything else, there are thousands of enthusiasts for trains. If you know train enthusiasts around you, you can easily notice how much they love trains.

They look at them with love and dedication. If you're a car lover, you can get a car, drive it and enjoy it! But, not all train enthusiasts are lucky enough to get a train and drive it. At this very point, small scale models come to help. In today's video, for example, we're checking out an Accucraft train. Accucraft Trains, a prominent company in the market, was formed in 1994 in Mountain View, California. The company's first project was a 1:24 scale boxcar. The following years have brought the production of locomotives in different scales and models. The models were painted and hand assembled in the little California office, and the company was soon off and running. As the years pass by, Accucraft enhanced its product range and built amazing trains. The video demonstrates us one of these great products. It's a Gauge 1 Accucraft Daylight Express on the newly refurbished White Horse Railway.

Watch the video to see this stunning locomotive running on a super long railway and maybe you also want to get one and play with it!