Waterbird: A Machine That Will Make You Feel the Adrenaline!

Now forget about all pickups, rat rods, hot rods, muscle cars, trucks, engines, aircrafts or R/Cs! Forget them! It's sure these vehicles are our passion, they even a reason to have for some of us, but today's video has nothing to do with them.

Today we're checking out something different and really funny! Humans always envy birds. This envying resulted in the invention and development of aviation technologies. We today fly up in the sky just because we envied birds and wanted to be as free as them! With this envy, we designed and built countless machines, devices and vehicles to fly! This video that hit millions of views on YouTube demonstrates us a waterbird. Some of you may visualize a bird that lives on or around the water when you read the Word "waterbird", but no, ladies and gentlemen! This is not a bird, this is a fantastic machine that will make you glide on the surface of the water like a bird does. This brilliant machine offers you an unforgettable water activity that will make you feel the adrenaline. The video shows us how people use this excellent machine to have some real fun!

Check it out, see how enjoyable it is and maybe you also want to try it!