Baldwin Motion 454 LS-7 Corvette Engine Will Make You Believe in Love at First Sight!

Sometimes, engines go beyond the cars that they are attached and become the center of attention! In today's video, we're checking out such a case!

An engine way more attractive than most of the cars in the current market! It's, as you can all predict, not an ordinary engine we're used to see in ordinary cars. It's something exceptional! It's an old Baldwin Motion 454 LS-7 Corvette engine that looks sounds and runs in perfection. It was hurt really badly because of the insane wheelie it performed at Richmond Dragway, but after a deep and extensive restoration process, it became better than ever! It was chopped 9 inches and welded a permanent mount for the radiator. What a chance to own such an awesome engine! Even watching it run is more enjoyable than watching blockbusters. Imagine attaching this monster on a badass car and hitting the road where heavens lets you!

Check out the video to bath both your eyes and ears with this sweet engine and don't forget to leave your comment below! We love to read what you think!