Dedicated Guy Built His Own Lamborghini From Scratch in 17 Years!

When you cease to dream you cease to live, they say! Such a true statement! There's no limit in dreaming! You can dream as much as your imagination lets you!

From the very first years of our childhood, we dream countless things, most of which are supernatural. When we reach the adulthood, these dreams become the source of our success. Here's a question for you, car lovers! Have you ever dreamed of building a car from scratch? The answer will be "No!" for most of you, we presume! But for a man, it is "Yes!". Ken Imhoff, the man gifted with a strong imagination and a pair of skillful hands, feel in love with the Lamborghini Countach after watching Cannonball Run. He loved the car so much that he knew he needed to have one. To afford a Lamborghini is a huge financial challenge as its own! So he came up with a great idea and built his own from scratch with his bare hands. For the project, he used simple materials and great deal of muscle force. The amount of effort, time and energy spent for this custom fabrication cannot be overstated. It took 17 years to complete this incredible project, and the outcome is a true satisfaction.

Watch the video paying attention to see and hear about the story of this dedicated guy, check out the handmade Lamborghini and maybe you can find some inspiration!