Lucky Guy Flies With the Hungaro Copter Like a Pro!

Are you ready for an incredible air ride? Well, you better be because the video we choose specially for you is gonna make you have barrels of fun in just a couple minutes.

What you're going to see in this video that hit more than three million views on YouTube, is the Hungaro Copter! We hear most of you asking what it is! The Hungaro Coper is technically a Hungarian helicopter designed and manufactured by Hungaro Copter Limited, an accomplished Hungarian company. It was originally designed to comply with the other European microlight aircraft rules. It features a single main rotor and tail rotor, a single-seat enclosed cockpit and a four-cylinder, four-stroke 135hp Subaru EJ22 engine. It is in the production since 2015. The video shows us a cool and apparently lucky guy having a ride with this amazing aircraft. Wouldn't be an unforgettable experience to pilot a badass helicopter on your own, htting the sky and feeling the refreshing sense of freedom? It would, of course.

If you're into aircrafts then you should check out today's amazing video to see this guy having a dream-like ride with the Hungaro Copter. You won't regret it!