Space Craft's 57 Foot Semi Trailer is More Luxurious Than Five Star Hotels!

Space Craft, an accomplished manufacturing company located in Concordia, Missouri, has been in the market actively since 1962.

This half a century-old company started custom building 5 th wheel trailers in 1970. During its very first days in the market, this reliable company offers its lucky customers custom built trailers of the highest quality one can ever imagine. The video we specially chose for you to check out today demonstrates us one of the most glorious products of Space Craft! It's technically a semi trailer, but not an ordinary one as you can predict. It is something truly magnificent. A 57 foot custom built mobile home more luxurious than most of the houses in the town. The price starts at $186,000. That is the price for a nicely equipped unit only. The price increases as the customer adds further customizations and unique features. Each Space Craft trailer is custom built to the customer's specifications. Customer is the designer here! They can have whatever they want if they pay the price. It would be a breathtaking experience to travel in such a gorgeous trailer, but most of us can only dream of it and it would be a dream that never comes true.

Check out the video to take a closer look at this fantastic trailer and enjoy!