The Way This Doubleheader Train Runs on Tracks is Gonna Leave You Speechless!

We bet you always hear people in TV or news saying that we're living in the age of technology. Computer age, digital age, space age, information age they also say!

But, in some parts of the world and of our country, it's sometimes hard and even impossible to see this level of technology. In today's very interesting video, you're going to see one of these parts where people avoid technology and innovation. The Michigan Sothern Railroad, formerly known as the Maumee and Western Railroad, is a freight railroad operating between the Woodburn, Indiana, Napoleon and Ohio. It comprises 53 miles of track. What makes this railroad interesting, or in fact pathetic, is its being lack of care and order. The track is so bad and uncared that it's hard to believe how they allow a train to pass over it. In undeveloped countries, even this track is a luxury, but in the United States, it's a shame! How a train can even run on this track that looks like ramen noodles! Unbelievable!

Check out this video to see this scandalous railroad and let us know what you think about it!