The Best Ever: Fantastic Ford F-250 with 600 HP 7.3 Engine is Cold Started in Colorado

It's summer in the north hemisphere! The sun is glowing, the wind blows sweetly, the flowers bloom, birds are singing, everything is nice and warm.

Love is in the air! But, there is also winter, you know! The season that covers everything with snow, the time when nature dies and all stuff and chores, even walking and driving, become harder. The severity of winter varies depending upon the place you live, but winter is challenging in every case. Here we present you a visual proof for that! Today's video demonstrates us how difficult it could be to start an engine when temperature hits the minus. In the video, you're going to see a gorgeous Ford F-250 pickup truck running on 600 hp 7.3 engine being cold started like a boss. Even if it's hard and sometimes even impossible to start an engine when the temperature is that low, the sweet engine sound is worth it! This is a beautiful truck, this is an awesome cold start and this is a fantastic sound.

Prepare your eyes and ears for a feast, watch the video, enjoy its every second and let us know your opinion about it!