This Volkswagen Battle is "Photochopped"!

Photoshop! In modern world, we all know what does this magic word means!

Thanks to all that hours we spend on social media, scrolling down the photos of the ones we follow, commenting on them, putting hearts, smiles and cute emojis and expecting them do to the same to our photos, we all have learned how much it is important to use photoshop on the photos we post to get likes and more followers. Think about all the Instagram celebrities and their unrealistically beautiful appearances on the photos. Are they even real? Those perfect long legs without even a tiny flaw? Those slim waists that look as if they're about to break off? Those silk smooth skins shine like a precious piece of pearl? Are they real, for real? Mostly, not! They're the fruits of photoshop and this is why we love it so much! But, photoshop is not only for our bodies! It's for cars, too! Watching today's video, you're going to see a Volkswagen Beetle and it's gonna make you question the reality. It looks like a photoshopped picture came into real life. It has an appearance similar to the original 1980s cartoon version of Transformers, Bumblebee. Unfortunately, we don't have so much information on the build. All we can see is this VW is worth to see!

Check out the video and see this awesome "photochopped" build and enjoy it!