Fantastic Engine Project Took 11 Months, Tons of Effort and Gallons of Coffee

Have you ever worked on a project on your own? Personal or corporational, small or big, size or doesn't matter!

If you have, then you know very well how challenging it could be. Think about all the rough times you have gone through under the pressure and stress. Even though it makes huge burden on your shoulders, it usually ends up with a sweet satisfaction. The fruit of hardworking and dedication is the sweetest, you know! In the video we proudly present you right here today, we're checking out a fantastic project from the very beginning to the final outlook. The project includes stripping down a kinda old engine bought from eBay to its smallest parts, renewing it putting great effort and finally installing it to a car. It may sound simple while reading the steps, but it's not as expected. It took 11 months, hours of hardwork, tons of effort, sweat and gallon of coffee, of course. Now matter how much the price is and how many hours this guy worked, the outcome is worthy. The video, which is actually a collage of 3000 photos the guy shot during the course of the project, demonstrates us the process in fine detail.

Check it out, see how this brilliant guy completed the project and leave your comment about it!