Extraordinary School Bus Powered by an Insane Jet Turbine Engine

If you spent your childhood years here in United States then you know the iconic yellow school bus very well.

This is the veteran vehicle that took us from our homes to school and vice versa every day. We bet you all remember how it was driving on the road to school and maybe your kids get on them to go to school now. Your grandchildren will probably use it too! This is one of the most iconic cars that is characterized with America and we're proud of it. In today's video, which is a worthwhile one for sure, you're going to see a yellow school bus, but it's not an ordinary one. This is one of the most powerful school buses you have ever seen and will probably ever see. It runs on a Westinghouse J-34 jet turbine engine that literary roars, making the car drive like an unchained horse. It's reportedly an American engine built circa 1946 and was used in F2H Bunshee, F3D Skynight and P-2 Neptune jet planes. A jet engine powering a school bus ! Interesting, isn't it ? This is the engine you need when you're late for the school and the bus is just too slow.

Check out the video to see how this extraordinary school bus looks, sounds and drives ! You'll like it !