Bronco Monster Truck Becomes the Hero of a Redneck Party!

Rednecks ! Everyone says something about them ! Some say they are the smartest. Some offensively say they're nothing but a bunch of dumb farmers.

For us, Rednecks are great people gifted with a remarkable creativity and some life-saving skills. Apart from being productive and skillful in various ways, they know how to get fun ! This is something we city-dwellers forgot about long time ago. They come all together with family and friends, stock gallons of beer and some delicious snacks, and celebrate like there's no tomorrow. If they love bikes, they gather for bikes. If they love trucks, they gather together for trucks. That's the life, folks ! That's the enviable life of Rednecks ! In today's video, which is interesting enough to get almost three million views on YouTube, we're checking out a group of Rednecks having fun in their own way. While getting fun out there in the nature, a misfortune happens and a cool truck gets stuck in mud. At this very point, a heroic Bronco monster truck comes to help and recovers it like a boss. The results ? Cheers and applauses !

Watch the video to see how this beast Bronco rescues the poor truck and be sure to leave your comment.