1979 Pontiac Trans AM Y84 Special Edition Waits for a Lucky Owner !

Car is a matter of taste and interest. Some of us prefer big machines with gigantic tires, some of us choose any car that can take them from point A to point B, some of us look for luxury cars worth of a fortune, some of us go for old ones with a classic look, some of us love rusty and dirty ones in particular while some others buy cars and change every single part of them.

A luxury car lover may not be so interested in hot rods, an enthusiast of classics may not care about the machines of the highest technology, a truck fan may not pay attention to a muscle car. In today's video, however, we're checking out something that you all will fall in love with, regardless of your taste in cars. It's a 1979 Pontiac Trans AM Y84 Special Edition. You can understand that it is special indeed at the very first glance. It's one of the fastest Trans AMs out in the market, waiting for its new lucky owner. It went through an extensive restoration and modification process. Thousands were spent for this '79 Trans AM to get its current look. Butler performance engine, Moser engineering rear end, fully restored interior equipped with high-quality leather seats, splendidly done paintjob and decals are among these amazing modifications.

Check out today s video paying attention to details and enjoy !