How Things Work in a Marble Quarry?

Marble is a kind of natural stone that occurs when limestone is subjected to a great amount of pressure over the years. It typically lies at the oldest layer of the Earth's crust.

Thanks to its appealing appearance, it has been used widely in each part of the world for a variety of purposes, primarily for construction and decoration. Remember all the ancient buildings we used to see in school books. The magnificent Taj Mahal, the Pantheon, Greek temples, the leaning tower of Pisa and so on. Think about all the statues of ancient times. The David of Michelangelo and splendid Venus statue displayed in Louvre Museum. Marble was the primary construction material for all these precious buildings and artworks. Marble is also a popular material today, existing is almost every house and public buildings. It can be used in countless forms, including wall or flooring tiles, mosaics, columns, bathroom structure, furniture, fountain and many more. It's a material that we all are familiar with in a nutshell, but have you ever thought how they quarry marble? Quarrying is an extreme profession for sure, posing a lot of risks and dangers. It requires gigantic machines and skillful workers to operate them. Both the machines and the workers are rare jewels to find. In today' video, we're checking out a quarry in southern Turkey. There is an amazing machine that drills the earth like a scorpion moving its stinger. The operator uses the machine so professionally that he cuts a huge block or marble.

Watch today's video to see how things work in a marble quarry and enjoy!