Slaedehunden: The Most Powerful Tractor Puller on the Planet!

Tractor pulling or power pulling is a kind of motorsport which highly popular in the U.S, Canada, Europe and all around the world.

Enthusiasts organize events specifically for this sport and gather all together to celebrate their passion for tractor pulling. It may sound interesting if you're not so fond of such stuff, but everything has a lover you know ! People love to put tons of muscle and torque to their own custom built tractors and participate tractor pulling competitions with a great enthusiasm. In the United States, most of us are familiar with truck or tractor pulling events in some degree, but what about the ones in Europe ? In Denmark, for example. We know that Denmark is famous for liberality. It's said to be the happiest and the least corrupt country in the world. Healthcare and education is free there. There are more pigs in Denmark than people. LEGO is from Denmark. These are some fun facts about Denmark, but did you know that this country hosts one of the coolest tractor pulling events in the world ? You probably didn't. The video we share today demonstrates us a badass tractor which is known to be the most powerful tractor puller ever. Slaedehunden ! It's a jaw- droppingly powerful machine equipped with a monstrous TWO V12 Transmash Diesel motor. If you think that's enough power, just wait for it ! It also has 4 turbochargers and one Keith Black Hemi 526 Cl gas motor along with two Diesels. It means that this beast makes about 3,500-4,000 horsepower.

Watch the video to see the breathtaking performance of Slaedehunden and have some fun !