Insane Repo Man Shows Us His Lightening-Fast Skills in a C5 Corvette

Tow trucks ! It's sure isn't easy to drive them. Imagine being a tow truck driver who has to tow vehicles parked on a wrong place and in a wrong way !

Challenging, isn't it ? But, there's a very simple way to tow vehicles in just 10 seconds ! We hear some of you asking « is this even possible ? » Well, yes ! It is possible ! Designed and built specifically by Century Express Series, the towing appliance you're going to see in today's video is the perfect device to tow any vehicle with an ease and in only 10 seconds. It works like a savior for tow truck drivers, especially when they're on the street jam-packed with parallel parked cars on both sides. It's not only good for tow truck drivers, of course ! Wreckers and thieves must love this device, too. Using this, they can steal a car in a blink without being noticed by anyone. Watching the video, you're going to see a super cool repo man towing a badass C5 Corvette in a couple seconds, letting us see his lightening-fast skills.

Check it out, see how this brilliant device works and leave your comment about it