Drive them, Don't Hide Them: Collection of the World's Best Microcars

When something is big, it draws attention. Think about the biggest things you have ever seen.

The biggest television, the biggest hamburger, the biggest house, the biggest truck! Weren't they impressive? They were for sure. What about the small things? Do they attract people like big ones do? For some, the answer for this question is "Yes!" There are millions of micro-lovers. You may ask micro what? Well, micro everything! In today's video, for example, we're checking out some very cool microcars. As some of you may know already, America's Car Museum offers enthusiasts a great opportunity to enjoy the world's best microcars as well as showing theirs to the crowd. Having an event held particularly for these tiny little machines is an amazing motivator to convince owners to not to hide their unique little cars. Drive them, don't hide them! Watching the video, you can see some of these small but gorgeous cars driving down the streets at McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Check it out to enjoy a good collection of microcars and imagine how it would be to own one!