Reginald Family and Their Awesome 1985 Land Rover Defender Project is Worth of All Praises

Are you ready to take on a trip? If you are, then just lean back, crack open a cold beer if you want to, relax and let us take you to Brisbane, Australia.

We hear you asking "what we're going to do there?" Well, the question must be "what we're going to see there?" The answer is in the video we share right on this page now. Watching it, you're going to meet a family guy, Brian Reginald. He is a dedicated and determined enthusiast who has taken a rusty 1985 Land Rover and transformed it into a modern Hot Wheels Land Rover Defender. He with the help of his father and three brilliant sons spent two years, so much effort and considerable amount of money on this project. He originally bought this '85 Land Rover Defender for only $1,000 (AUD) then he rolled up his sleeves, designed the whole project in detail and put it into reality. Brian and his family have been fans of the Hot Wheels for over 15 years. Wish all fans can build such amazing machines! The streets would be then like open air cars museums.

Check out today's video to learn more about this project and see this amazing family!