Missions Impossible: Driving the Steepest Crossing at the Gunshot Creek

Cape York, a tropical and remote peninsula located in the northeastern Australia, is a world-known destination for dedicated off-roaders.

There are challenging fields with extreme soil conditions there, but one of them is particular. The Gunshot Creek! It's a great place for off-road challenges where people tested their ability to drive in extra extreme conditions. Most of the off-road enthusiasts think that Gunshot Creek is the highlight of their trip to Cape York. Whether you go there in wet or dry season, you can find cool activities to feed you off-road passion. It offers the visitors exciting activities that will make their adrenaline levels hit the peak. The video we proudly share on this page today demonstrates us a group trying to drive down the steepest crossing in the whole Cape York with their Ford Ranger. If you're confident with both yourself and your vehicle then you can drive through this extreme crossing safely, but of you don't, you may end up in hospital while your vehicle goes directly to a junk yard.

Watch the video carefully to see if this Ford Ranger manages to pass the crossing and let us know your opinion about this risky but worthwhile task!