Cool Range Rover Switches to Submarine Mode and Goes Underwater

As an iconic British vehicle, Range Rover has been in the market for almost half a century, but what we know about this gorgeous machine?

Technically, the Range Rover is a four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle introduced to market when the year was 1970. A short time after its launch, it became the very first car to be displayed in the Louvre Museum with the title of "exemplary work of industrial design". Official sales for Range Rover in the U.S started in 1987 and continued until1993 before it was remarketed with the title Land Rover. Even the Queen owns a Range Rover. These are what most of us know about this cool machine, but did you know that there is a submarine version of Range Rover? Most of you might not know this interesting version of Range Rover because we're just kidding, but wouldn't be amazing if there is? In today's video, you're going to see a badass Range Rover that switches to submarine mode and goes underwater. We have no clue about the purpose of this weird action, but it still cool to see such a great car driving in water like a boss.

If you want to see how perfectly this Range Rover drives in water then check out today's video and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!