Howe and Howe Technologies RS1 PM1 Prime Mover Has the Best Qualities Ever!

Since the very first day of its existence on the market, Howe and Howe Technologies Inc. has been a prominent company professionalized in the manufacturing of extreme vehicles.

It is one of the most well- known providers of advanced robotic platform solutions and many other useful applications. Identified itself with innovation, efficiency, ethics, customer satisfaction, uniqueness, high quality and creativity, Howe and Howe Technologies meets and exceed the expectations by building outstanding products that will please the industry and customers that vary from the U.S Government to Hollywood movie makers. Such clients suggest the success of the company. In today's video, you're going to see an ingeniously built product of this great company. It's the Howe and Howe RS1 PM1 Prime Mover! It's technically a compact remotely operated robotic pallet with an enhanced towing capacity. It has a tow capacity of 9,000lbs. It represents the first in factory load transport robotic solutions. Being controlled remotely allows this highly functional mover an unmatched maneuverability. The video tells us about this spectacular machine, meaning that you can hear and learn more about it, watching the video with attention.

Check it out, see how this mover works, learn the details and enjoy!