This is How to Put Out Fire: 9 Canadairs Fight Forest Fire Like a Boss

As one of the most destructive natural forces, mostly started by human activity, forest fires are uncontrolled fires that spread quickly and burn everything on and around their path.

Each year, millions of acres of forested land are burned all around the world and the animals with it. Billions of dollars are spent to prevent and fight forest fires both in United States and other countries. Various types of aircrafts, including helicopters, smokejumpers and rappellers are used as aerial firefighters. In today's video, which hit almost two million views on YouTube, we're checking out 9 Canadair, a civil and military aircraft manufacturer of Canada, aircrafts putting out a forest fire in Port-de-Bouc, France. The fires don't stand a chance. Once it stands, it gets knocked down by these nine heroic aerial firefighters. It's amazing to see that they use almost a dozen of firefighters even for a small fire. The way they fight the fire is so effective that the amount of water they use may even cause a small flood. They don't wait for the fire to get wild. This is how you put out a fire!

Watch the video to see how these nine Canadair aerial firefighters put out a fire and enjoy!