Beriev Be-200 Altair Amphibious Aircraft Swims in the Sea and Flies in the Sky!

Land vehicles are supposed to drive on the land, vessels are supposed to be on water while aircrafts are supposed to fly in the sky!

This is what we normally see! But, some vehicles function multipurpose. They drive on the land, swim in the sea and fly in the sky. The amazing build you're going to see in today's video is one of such vehicles! The Beriev Be-200 Altair! It's technically a multipurpose amphibious aircraft designed by Russia's accomplished aircraft manufacturer Beriev Aircraft Company and put into being by another Russian manufacturer Irkut Corporation. It performed its first flight in 1998 and is still in use. Specially designed for fire fighting, search and rescue, cargo and passenger transportation, the Be-200 has a maximum rake-off weight of 37200 kilograms. It can carry up to 12000 liters, 3.170 gallons, of water and 72 passengers. With such capacity, it can stop and restrain the spread of big forest fires. It can reach maximum cruise speed of 710 km/h and. Today's video demonstrates us this brilliantly built amphibious aircraft while in action both in the water and sky. It functions flawlessly.

Watch the video to see the breathtaking performance of this particular aircraft and don't forget to leave your comment below!