The Green Rock Dawg Performs as Flexible as a Giant Spider!

Let's think for a moment! What do you expect from an off-road equipment? What features do you want it to have? You expect a lot of things and you want a lot of advanced features, we guess! Who doesn't?

In today's video, you're going to see something crazy, something brilliant, something very particular that can offer you way more than what you expect from an off-road machine. This engineering masterpiece is called as the "Green Rock Dawg". It is technically custom built four-wheel drive crawler with 36'' frame extension. Each of the wheels has a 12'' hydraulic lift along with shock tower travel. A Volkswagen 1.9 TDI turbo charged 100R4 Diesel engine and a GM700R4 power the Green Rock Dawg and they make it drive effectively like a giant spider.
Front and back axles are Spider Trax Mega 9 with a 5.40/1 ratio. Front and rear suspensions are 4 links while the tires are 42BFG crawlers.
It has a bank of levers that is able to control everything at each corner to steering front and rear. As a result of its technically advanced features, it is remarkably more flexible compared to other buggies on the market. Watching the video, you can see the owner, Alec Yeager, putting it to the test in the California desert.

Check out the video with great attention to see how it performs and leave your comment down below!