Will 1938 GMC Flathead Truck That Sit For 10 Years Start Again?

Isn't it great to watch sections from the lives of cool people? Isn't it enjoyable to see how they live and what they do? It is! It really is!

This is why we are so interested in social media. We pay a lot of attention to other's lives and this, in a way, entertains us! In today's video, for example, we're checking out a real-life section of a cool guy who is deeply in love with hot rods, rat rods and metal sculptures. Starting with live music, this video of almost half an hour shows us a 1938 GMC that sits in a yard for a decade. In the video, he tries to bring this treasure-like machine back into life. You all can imagine the destructive effects that ten years put on this amazing '38 GMC truck. It is, as expected, covered with a thick layer of rust and dust. It apparently requires a lot of work and intensive care, but the question is that this old flathead has the potential start a new life and run again.

Watch the video till the end to see if this 1938 GMC Flathead truck manages to work again or it is nothing but huge pile of rotten metal. Leave your comment down below to let us see what you think about it!