Gorgeous Crawler Rock Dawg Caught on Camera at King of Hammers

Interested in off-road stuff? Then, KOH is just for you! King of Hammers, KOH, is a popular off-road race that puts desert racing rock crawling.

It is annually held in February on Means Dry Lake at Johnson Valley, California. The race is followed by some many people that it is broadcast live on the internet. Each year millions of enthusiasts come all together at Johnson Valley to watch King of Hammers. Watching today's video, however, you don't have to go all the way to California, you can enjoy this exciting event through your screens, clicking on the play button of today's video! Watching this video of a couple videos only, you're going to see Rock Dawg: a completely custom built crawler with 36'' frame extension. It is powered by a VW 1.9 TDI turbo charged 100R4 diesel engine and a GM700R4. It drives on the hubbly rocks smoothly like an automobile does on a highway.

Check out this spectacular video, see the Rock Dawg at the King of the Hammers and be ready to have some real fun!