Spending a Day with Nasty 20'' Lifted Ford F250 with Tremendous Tires

We always wonder why some people spend thousands of dollars to get their vehicles lifted. What's the reason? Does it look better? Does it make them feel better?

We don't know the answers, but we can say that this is a very popular process frequently demanded by the custom shops. The video shared on this very page today demonstrates us a 19-yeard old guy with his 20" lifted Ford F250 truck sitting on 42" inch tires. The tires on this nasty truck are 42 inch Fury's and the wheels are Forgiato's and are 28 inches. It not only looks badass, but also is expensive with a price of $150,000. You may ask who this lucky guy is. Well, he is an Instagram entrepreneur and has a huge page for diesel trucks. Watching the video, you can see this absolutely amazing truck in full detail and can experience virtually how to spend a day with it. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to own such a cool car so we have to make it out through our screens.

Check out the video, see how insane this lifted F250 is and leave your comment down below!