Top 9 Most Impressive Restomods You Can Ever See!

If you're interested in classic cars then you probably have heard the term "Restomod" at least for couple of times. It's the combination of the words "restoration" and "modern".

Even though many people use the words Restomod and Restoration interchangeably, there are some certain differences between these two terms. They are both words used to describe the result when an antique or classic car brought back to the look and performance it has when it was first produced. The difference is that Restomod refers to a job, in which the vehicle is put back together with some additions that were not on the vehicle when it was introduced to the market while restoration is only to bright the vehicle back into in its factory-stock condition. The video we proudly share on this page today demonstrates us the top 9 unique and unbelievable restomods that you all would like to see. These are the most impressive restomods and pro touring cars from the top builders in the United States. These magnificent cars put old and new technology together to create a unique look and performance.

Watch this worthwhile compilation video to see these fantastic restomods and don't forget to leave your comment below!