This is How to Built Your Own Electric Car!

In the early years of the millennium, the concept of "electric car" was not so far being just a dream, but today, there are several kinds of ingeniously built high-technology electric cars available for sale on the market, waiting for their lucky owners.

Each is with different specifications and built to meet the expectations of an eco-friendly way of transportation. A decade ago, the only available electric car was the Tesla Roadster and it was for $100,000. It's too hard for many of us to afford such an expensive vehicle, but don't worry; you can also build your own electric car. Just don't expect something that fancy and luxurious. Learning the techniques, you can build a cheap electric car for your own. The video we share you right here today demonstrates us how to do it! This video is the last one of a series of four videos. Following the instructions given in these videos, you can easily built your own electric car and enjoy driving it through your neighborhood.

Click on the play button, watch the video till the end, learn how it's done and get some inspiration!