CFMOTO's CForce 500 Quad Bike is the Perfect Machine for Outdoor Activities

"Existing, happening, or done outside, rather than inside a building" it says in the Cambridge English Dictionary for the meaning of the word "outdoor" For some, however, "outdoor" is well beyond being just a word; it's a passion, it's a way to enjoy the beauties offered us by the Mother Nature.

In today's video, we're checking out a spectacular machine built by the world's biggest manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles. CFMOTO is the high-class quality ATV manufacturer that meets all the expectations you have about ATVs. Having its headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota, CFMOTO designs and built breathtaking machines and today's video shows us one of them: CForce 500! It's a quad powered by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC 4-valve liquid cooled engine with a 495cc displacement and a maximum power output of 38hp @ 68000 rpm. It's equipped with many high-quality materials, including LED running lights and electronic power steering. In the video, you're going to see a lucky guy driving this badass machine in water, having barrels of fun. Is it possible to not to have fun with such a cool machine? Guess not!

Watch the video to see how amazing this CForce 500 quad really is and enjoy!