Crazy Russian Driver Gets a Lada Niva Into Water but Has Trouble Getting It Out!

We bet you all know the things have been said about Russians. They're crazy but brilliant people. Here's a question!

Not just one, actually, a couple ones! Have you ever thought why Russians are that insanely brave? Why they do weird things? Do they have fun doing these things? Don't they afraid to get injured or even to die? What gives them such courage? These are the questions that occupy our minds, but we also know that there are not clear answers for them! What we're checking out today is a footage that shows us another adventure happened in Russia, the land where things are working differently. As you click on the play button, you're going to see a badass Lada Niva, a legendary off-road vehicle manufactured by the Russian company AvtoVAZ, and a desperate driver in it. He goes into an almost frozen river, but he has trouble going out! The video shows us his struggle! Watch the video till the end to see if he manages get this cool car out of the ice-cold water or makes the things even worse!

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