A Legend of Speed: Spirit of Australia II! Check it out to see a breathtaking boat and its jaw-dropping performance

Have you ever heard of something called as "Spirit of Australia"? You probably have if you're an enthusiast of boats! But, for those who haven't yet, let us explain what it is! Spirit of Australia is originally a wooden speed boat built by Ken Warby, an Australian motorboat racer and it bears the current world water speed record since 8 October 1978. In the video we proudly share you right on this page today, we're checking out Spirit of Australia II! It is the new second generation,
Outright Unlimited
World Water Speed Record Challenger by Warby Motorsport. Designed and built by Ken Warby, Spirit of Australia II is a brand new and technically improved version of the record-holder boat, the original Spirit of Australia. It features the safety equipment of the highest quality, including an enhanced cockpit, 6 point harness, HANS Device,
a Lifeline on-board air system, GPS tracking system, two way radio system and a
3 stage on-board fire extinguisher system. The video shows us Spirit of Australia being tested on a dam in New South Wales. Check it out to see a breathtaking boat and its jaw-dropping performance!