Insane Russian Guy Drives His ATV Through a Frozen River and Breaks the Ice

Do you like action movies, where the main character rolls into a bloody trouble and try to elude it? If you do then you will also enjoy today's video!

The video we share for you to enjoy right on this page today offers us a footage filmed in Russia, the land of oddness. At the first scene of the video, we're seeing nothing but snow covering everywhere as expected. Then a monster-like all-terrain vehicle appears and the adventure begins. The ATV drives through a frozen river, breaks the thick layer of ice and gets into the ice-cold water. You may ask why the driver chooses this way knowingly that the ice will be broken. We ask it, too! But, we just can't find a reasonable answer for that. Can you?

If you want to see whether he gets out of the trouble check out the video till the end, feel the chill inside and let us know your opinion about this weird adventure!