Super-Fast Super-Cool Super-Functional "Superbus" is the New Bus Concept

Every passing day, the brilliant minds of our planet come up with new ideas. Sometimes they improve an already existent machine, sometimes they create new things. In today's worth-to-see video, we're checking out a "new thing".

We hear you asking what it is! It's the Superbus. The Superbus is as long as a conventional bus, but it's no taller than a four-wheel drive sports utility vehicle. The Superbus is designed to carry 23 passengers in comfort. This six-wheel vehicle is built to combine the convenience and flexibility of travelling by car with the speed and comfort of railway journeys. The gull-wing doors and the 15-meter long chassis of the Superbus make it look like a vehicle from the future, but it's from the 21 st century. It can reach a top speed of 155mph, meaning that it's not only good-looking, but also fast. As reported, The project started in 2004 and has cost around $19 million to date using technology developed in Formula One racing and the aerospace industry. Watching today's video, you're going to see this Superbus in action.

Check it out, see the details and let us know what you think about it!